In 2012 an artist-in-residence program was realized in Zvizzchi village and in art-park Nikola-Lenivets. It was visited by more than 60 people: artists and sculptors, photographs and choreographers, playwrights and sociologists, as well as curators and organizers of artist-in-residences from 12 countries (USA, Russia, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).

In 2012 the artist-in-residence had the following tasks:

  • Complex interdisciplinary study of the environment (area), including the local, regional, interregional scale/context.
  • Offer of models and projects ensuring the stable territory development.
  • Development of infrastructure, service, communication and other projects for the coming years.

Participants of the artist-in-residence in 2012:

- Sergey Bratkov (artist, photographer, Russia) with a group if students (6 people) – within the institutional partnership with the School of photography and Multimedia named after A.Rodchenko

- Maxim Kurochkin (playwright, Russia), Alexey Maslodudov (actor, Russia), Olga Strizhak (playwright, Russia), Lyubov Mulmenko (playwright, Russia), Vsevolod Lisovsky (creator, Russia)(institutional partnership with theatre.doc)

- Xavier Juillot (architect, France), Bertrand Gosselin(curator, France), Laurence Falzon (architect, set design teacher, France), Ilya Voznesensky (architect, Russia), Igor Bury (architect, Russia)

- Alexander Alexeyev (chairman of the Russian club of art-directors, Russia)

- Wapke Feenstra (artist, Holland)

- Ivan Lungin (artist, Russia)

- Alexander Gronskly (photographer, Latvia/Russia)

- Sergey Gradirovsky (expert of urban and regional development, Russia)

- Sara Shelton Mann (choreographer, USA) with the troupe (5 people)

- Vikenty Nilin (poet, artist, Russia)

- Agnes Meyer-Brandis (artist, Germany)

- Ludmila Voropay (artist science art, critic and theorist of modern art, Germany

- Anastasiya Khoroshilova (artist, photographer, Russia/Germany)

- Silvia Franceschini (curator of modern arts and design, Italy)

- Valdis Shapovalov (artist, Russia)

- Aurora Tang (program coordinator of the Center of land use interpretation (The Center for Land Use Interpretation) USA)

- Viktor Wachstein and a group of sociologists, geographers and philosophers

- Yuriy Perelygin (expert in territory and strategic planning and projecting, Russia)

- Vytautas Michelkevičius ( curator, art-director, Lithuania)

– Fernando García Dory  (director of artistic residence Campo Adentro (Spain) 

- Carlos Monleon-Gendall, (artist, Spain/Great Britain) 

- Evert Kolpa, bureau Van Bergen Kolpa Architecten (architect, Rotterdam/Holland)

- Nickisch Holger (curator, Holland) 

- Yvette Brackman (artist, Denmark) 

- William Speakman (artist, Holland)

- Theo Tegelaers (SKOR curator | Foundation Art and Public Space, Holland)

- Henry J.Alles (curator of P.A.I.R. artistic residence, Holland