Conditions of stay

The artist-in-residence Zvizzchi invites residents for the stay of 1-4 weeks.

Preferred are projects, which will be realized together with the local population or with its assistance.

Two-stage stay is desired, during which at the first stage you can look around and get to know the area, and at the next stage you come to work on the project.

During your stay you live in wooden rooms in Volodya’s house. The rooms are arranged around a small banya and a guest room with a fireplace. (pictures of the house and of Volodya himself)

You are welcome for lunch to Sergey and Natalia in their café ‘KartoshKino’, where you will find more than just delicious food. You can learn all details about life in Zvizzchi. (pictures of the café and of the Serovs)

Cost of stay: 1600 rubles (40 Euros) a day

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