If you drive strictly to the South of Moscow in the direction of Kaluga (the last 3 km is an earth road), pass the sign ‘Nikola Lenivets’, you will find yourself in the village Zvizzchi on the river Ugra, where artists and writers, architects and composers, scientists, designers and others live in a small cozy house, which favors close relationships and exchange of interests. Picturesque nature and friendly attitude of the local population, close proximity to the territory of the well-known festival ‘Archstoyanie’… All these things make up favorable environment, where new ideas are born, and some of them can find the material form but without any industrial infrastructure.

Depending on the community one joins various opportunities arise.

One can get acquainted with a forest resident, unexpectedly or as a consequence of other events.

Successful communication with those working in the mechanical yard will open the doors of the joiner’s or the locksmith’s.

Interest in working with kids can result in communication with pupils and teachers from the local school.

The residents can become (or fail to become) participants of the Festival ‘Archstoyanie’.